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Reasons to be cheerful!

As a hospitality-facing business that’s proud to be based in the beautiful city of Norwich, we couldn’t let this local …

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covid equipment

Lockdown’s easing, but our planet needs you more than ever!

Now that the COVID-19 lockdown has eased and we’re finally able to enjoy the socially-distanced company of our family and …

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Stack of cardboard

Here’s why cardboard food packaging isn’t the answer

Here’s why cardboard food packaging isn’t the answer (even when it’s recycled) Hi. How are you? We hope you and …

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Climate change anxiety

Are you experiencing climate change anxiety?

Most of us are worried about the impact climate change will have on the future of our planet, but people …

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Why choose Earth Restored?

As we write this, the UK – and the rest of the world – is in the grip of the …

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Are you ready to change the world? 

Happy Earth Day! Are you ready to change the world? Welcome! This is our very first blog, and we hope …

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