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Our Journey

About Earth Restored

Earth Restored’s completely recyclable range of tableware and food packaging is especially designed for consumers and businesses who care about the wellbeing of our planet.

Earth Restored

How our journey began

Like most of us, our founder Maxwell Madoda has always been concerned about environmental issues. However, it wasn’t until he talked with his children about climate change, plastic pollution, and all the other planet-related concerns that were keeping them awake at night, that Maxwell became determined to find his own unique solution to one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. A solution he called Earth Restored.

Food waste

Waging war on waste

For all the strides that are being made to address the climate change crisis, everything is still moving far too slowly. One of the greatest challenges we must overcome is the astronomical amount of unnecessary waste produced by the global food industry.

In the UK alone, households, food manufacturers, hospitality and food service providers and the retail and wholesale sectors generate around 9.5 million tonnes of waste a year at a cost of over £19 billion per annum, which equates to more than 25 million tonnes of greenhouse emissions.1 It’s the greenhouse emissions that accumulate in the atmosphere and are the major cause of global warming and climate change.

Earth Restored’s sustainable, compostable, and recyclable range of tableware and food packaging is one small but important way we can all help solve this dilemma. Not only do our products address the key concerns of climate change, food waste, and plastic pollution, they’re also high-quality, hard-wearing, and designed to look great in any dining situation.

Ethically sourced and sustainably stylish

For obvious reasons, it’s better to use sustainable resources than it is to consume finite raw materials. That’s why we produce all our products from areca palm leaves, which are recovered from the ground after falling naturally from the tree. After the leaves are dried, cured, and heat-pressed into shape they’re thoroughly cleaned with fresh, running water.

Because they’re made from palm leaves, our products will always remain strong and durable (and not turn soggy like most other disposable tableware) and their attractive grain and texture is entirely natural. We’ve also been very careful to ensure that no chemicals, glues, or other additives are involved in the manufacturing process, and we offset all emissions that our packaging causes.

10" Palm Leaf Round Plates

Product features

Building a better world… for every occasion

We want to offer our customers in the UK and abroad the very best environmentally-friendly alternatives possible, so we’re currently concentrating on two main brands: ‘be the difference’, which is a range of single-use and reusable products aimed at the household consumer, and ‘ética’, which is primarily for the food service, restaurant and takeaway market. On request, we can also produce bespoke food packaging solutions for the retail trade. Whatever option you choose, our high standards of quality and sustainability remain the same; everything is made from renewable, vegetable raw materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, and you can be confident that all Earth Restored products are 100% carbon neutral.

Working together,
we can be the difference

When you choose Earth Restored, you’re also helping us assist the people of Chennai, India, where all our wonderful products are sourced and manufactured. We’re proud to be working with a non-government organisation called Thuvakkam which runs several important educational projects in the district, from re-planting trees and creating environmental awareness to promoting health care and teaching underprivileged children. It’s our hope that our ongoing relationship with Chennai will help to provide a happier and more prosperous future for all the families in this small, hardworking community.

It’s obvious that we can’t leave it to government and big business to heal our planet for us. We all need to ‘be the difference’ if we’re going to create a healthier, happier, more successful future for ourselves and our children. The wellbeing of our world is in our hands, and – when you choose Earth Restored products – it’s quite literally in your hands too.

That, in a nutshell (or, rather, a palm leaf!) is what Earth Restored is all about.

1Food surplus and waste in the UK – key facts