Earth Restored


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Disposable Tableware

Eco-conscious plates that are sturdy, stylish,
and great for the planet

Eco-conscious plates that are sturdy, stylish, and great for the planet

Earth Restored

Earth Restored

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About Earth Restored

Earth Restored are committed to reducing waste and plastic pollution, thereby building a more sustainable, environmentally conscious future for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

Planet Conscious Material

All Earth Restored tableware is sourced from renewable and/or recycled materials. Our products are biodegradable and 100% carbon neutral, reflecting our global responsibility to help alleviate climate change.

No Plastics or chemicals

Earth Restored tableware is entirely organic, and contains no plastics, chemicals or resins. We also minimise impact on the environment by offsetting all emissions created by our packaging.

Earth Restored

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Our tableware isn't just eco-conscious and socially responsible, it's also
durable, great-looking, and perfect for every occasion.

Earth Restored

Wedding Elegance, with class and conscience

Disposable tableware that's smart, versatile, and a celebration of the future.

Earth Restored tableware is the perfect accompaniment to any wedding banquet. After all, a wedding is an opportunity to come together and show our commitment to a bright new beginning. That’s exactly what Earth Restored’s philosophy is too.

Our versatile palm leaf tableware is available in various shapes and sizes, including plates, bowls and platters. All our tableware is leak-proof, grease-proof, and perfect for both hot and cold food; unlike some disposable tableware, it won’t get soggy and bent out of shape!

Earth Restored’s bright, organic colours and modern design will compliment any occasion, from a formal wedding reception to a casual buffet. Its lightweight stackability also means you’ll be able to clear everything away quickly afterwards, with no risk of costly breakages, and you can either recycle it safely or store it away to be used again.


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